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Does anyone have one of these? How well does it work?


@mattpetak: I don't have this particular model but I use the one below:

It works well and is easy to set up. As far as call clarity goes though, you need to make sure that you speak towards the device in order for other callers to be able to hear you clearly. If you aren't planning on making many calls, and just want the ability to listen to music over your car's stereo from you cell phone, this should work great. Much cheaper than the one I bought.

Don't let the ad confuse you. When they say you can stream internet stations, this device alone will not do that. It requires your phone to get the station, then transmits to the device via bluetooth, then to the car's stereo system via FM transmitter.


haha I helped make this thing! Developed in Ferndale, MI. If anyone has any questions I can answer them for you!

And yes you will need a smartphone, I don't know why they didn't put that in the ad.

Not being biased, I think as far as FM transmitters go, this is about as good as you can get. Not too mention that is a great price for one! The sound quality is pretty decent too, considering the compression it takes from Bluetooth and FM, it's not all tingy or muffled. The frequency response is defiantly enjoyable still.


Does the "included app" only come for iphone?


Yea this version is designed for iOS.

Though it will work with any phone/mp3 player that uses AVRCP and A2DP bluetooth profiles