dealshauppauge hd pvr 2 for xbox 360 (new) for $99.99…


I know very little about this device, but I'm curious about as to why "XBox 360" is in the title. Unless it's hardware specific, which again wouldn't make sense if it's using HDMI cables, can I use it with my PS3, Wii U, PS4, and Ouya along side my 360? It honestly doesn't even make sense from a marketing standpoint to have it console specific if they're at least $100 a pop, but that's exactly why I'm asking.


@frossetmareritt: PS3 has HDCP content protection via HDMI, so you can only capture video from PS3 via component video. Not sure if that will be the same on PS4. This device may work with the Wii U as it doesn't have HDCP.


I knew these were going to get cheaper as soon as the Xbox one announced that the new consoles will be able to record video all by themselves. This is a good price for this but you still need to run it along with a PC to capture video. If you really want to get into capturing gameplay, and you have a PC in the room, and you can't wait for or afford the $500 price on the new consol, this is for you.


x1 is only going to be able to capture a live stream for a limited number of minutes


@jlagraff: Given MS' super secretive and ever-elusive stance on the Schrodinger Xbone, it may or may not record all by itself, just as it may or may not; need to be online, play used games, or even function at all.

But it WILL let you watch live TV! Woot! Welcome to 1929!