dealsburger king original chicken sandwich for $1.04


Duplicate deal. Missed it by a minute, literally.


@mcowan3: Yeah, but the first one was technically a pre-deal and would have/should have been tattled and deleted. Alas, I had to wash my hair and thus didn't have time to tattle.


@magic cave: well, they deleted the other one so I guess this one is it. Good deal.


My niece loves these sandwiches and I think she might eat one every day if she could. I've tried them and think they are terrible. I do like their BK bacon burger though and it's on their value menu at around $1.19, although I know value menu prices can vary a bit from store to store or at least from one area to another.


@donslin: Put some of that bacon on one of these and make it a bearable sandwich :)


Now gain more weight with less money!


@kev50027: I know, right? NOBODY eats food that is bad for them on the 4th of July.