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Great router, I bought this about a month ago for the $99.99 and wish I would have saved some money. The price drop has nothing to do with the performance. Its a great modem no matter the price!


@jwires: It's a modem, not a router. (I think)


@bsmith1: You're correct. It's just a modem.
I have its older brother, the SB6120. The only difference with this one is the redesigned casing (white and rounded instead of black and square, with some redesigned logo and icons) and the fact that it has a higher capacity for channel bonding, which means nothing in practical application for the end-user. This is a good price for either of those two modems.
Do be aware that just getting this modem will not actually give you faster speeds, just make them possible in the future, but it WILL save you money in that you won't have to pay a modem rental fee anymore.

If you don't have service that's over 170/40 (I don't think any ISP even offers such speeds at present), you can go with this modem as well and not have to wait for a MIR to arrive.
You're unlikely to notice a difference between the two.


@stryker4526: I too have a black Motorola DOCSIS 3.0 and it's been great. Our ISP advertises 50mbps download speeds. Most of the time, shows close to that. I'm using a Netgear dual channel gigabyte router with it and all is good.


just picked one of these up. and ordered my new wideband service yesterday. using their equipment i get approx 60mbps down and around 6mbps up. gonna tweak around with this machine and see if i can get it a bit better than that.


Comcast is offering 300mb service in many areas, now, but it is very pricy. I chose the Zoom 5341J over the Motorola, though, as there have been issues with the firmware on the Moto unit causing intermittent dropouts.