dealsrosewill rhrc-13002 10 cup fuzzy logic riceā€¦


a lot cheaper than the perfectly made japanese models.


I have one of those "perfectly made Japanese models" and wouldn't trade it for this.

BUT, if I had to recommend a rice cooker to someone that occasionally makes rice, I would say "get this one!"

My $.02

Note: The review on Newegg is AWESOME :)


Recommendations on said japanese model, please! :)


What just happened? I smell fake comments!


We pretty much eat rice daily in our house and have only had to replace ours Zojirushi once in over ten years. My husband grew up with one in his house too. We have a family on 6 and the 5 1/2 cup rice maker. Love it!


Wanted to add that the reason we replaced was becauase we wanted a bigger size. Not due to it breaking!