dealsrefurb. parrot ar.drone quadricopter for $139.99…


Buy two of these. You will need the second one for parts, as it crashes often and with disastrous results.


@tradergeorge: I had to call Brookstone customer service earlier this week for a problem with an order I had just placed. One of the phone options was something to the effect of "If you are calling about the Parrot AR Drone Quadracopter, press 5"

When I heard that, first thing that crossed my mind was "I wonder what's wrong with them?"


I bought an A.R. Drone refurb about three weeks ago. It has yet to fly as one rotor doesn't work. After two calls to Parrot and several forms later, I still have not heard back from them. As I wish to fly it before winter, I am a bit upset. What happened to the 'money back guarantee, as I would gladly get my money back and just order another one. Having a 'new toy' and not being able to use it sucks as much as a Christmas present for a kid...and no batteries on Christmas morning. Arhg!


Still available, and price has dropped to $119.99. Don't know about coupon.