dealscree flashlight (300 lumen w/ focus) for $5.89…


Oh and this will take AA and 14500.. the 14500 will definitely be a little brighter though.


@drchops: If this somehow put the time on the wall then I'd be all in. Sadly as it stands I think I'm gonna have to pass.


With a freshly charged 1900mAh Sanyo Eneloop AA rechargable NiMH battery:
Turned the light on at 5:00, was still just as bright at 6:15, had become unusably dim by 6:50.
I like mine a lot. Not waterproof in the least.

m00 m00

Got 4 of these I ordered a few weeks back. Surprisingly only took about 2 weeks from China.

Not the least bit close to 300 lumens. My guess from my flashlight experience (Fenix, Surefire, etc.) is this is around 30-40 lumens. Still a good single battery light, especially for the price. Interestingly, if you slide the cap all the way out (which is how you focus the beam), it focuses down enough to actually see the shape and individual bars on the emitter, lol. Not functional at that focus level, but it is kinda funny.

Decent lights to throw one in each car and bedroom, etc. Somewhat brighter than the 2 AA Maglights you get at Lowe's or WM for $10. Not horrible, but nothing to crow about, either.


@trdoc: Yeah the 300 lumen was their "max" spec and for the 14500 li-Ion battery. I'd guess around 180-220 with the 14500 battery depending on how hard it's driven. These things get a huge bump with 14500 batteries and really impress people for such a small and cheap light. At this price there really isn't to much to complain about.


@antares008: Oh yeah! Sorry about that, I actually typed a comment out with that link but forgot to post it lol..


@trdoc: heh I'll give you that these might not be 300 lumens with AA's, but 30-40 lumens is like a bright candle lol - and like @riothero said a good 14500 makes a HUGE difference. (I'd be curious to see what these were actually rated at though.. if I remember right they're running a Q5)

Oh and the other nice feature with these is the the throw distance for the beam, that thing goes pretty far :)


I don't know how many lumens they are, but they are definitely the brightest lights I own. Factor in the cost, the light per dollar is excellent. In for 2, even though I already have 2 more on the water now

Now I need to find those 14500 batteries of which you speak


These look like the same ones that come up every now and then via Meritline and a few other sources (CREE Zoom Flashlight or something like that is usually in the description).

I went and searched out a 14500 battery. Picked one up from Batteries Plus. Oddly, I didn't see any difference between a fresh Duracell AA and the 14500.



That's odd.
AA Duracells are 1.5V and 14500 are ~3.7V typically. I'd make sure your charger is able to go that high on voltage, and not a standard AA charger that has overcharge protection @ 1.5V cap. 14500's very popular batteries in the e-cig community.


i ordered one of these about a month ago and it just came in. this will be a great secondary flashlight. when tightly focused the light is square from the CREE, but when expanded it looks really nice and i'm quite impressed.

can't beat it for under $10 - i'm just running a cheap Toys R Us branded AA and it's surprisingly bright! so far, no complaints.


Just picked up 2 from tomtop a while back. Shipping from China was surprisingly quick (2 weeks or so).

A little about the product:

- They appear to be well made
- Fit nicely in the palm of your hand
- Bright enough to blind someone temporarily at night at a relatively close distance (for home defense)
- Cheap enough to not worry about losing
- Adjustable to focus narrow or wide
- Takes 1 x AA battery (AWESOME)

- Only have 1 lighting mode (on/off)
- Definitely not 300 lumens, I would say maybe 100 with a full battery.
- Focuses so narrow that only the emitter is shown, not really a con, but interesting nonetheless

Overall, I would definitely recommend this light to anyone.


@laziboie: I consider simple on/off a feature. Less fiddling for modes I'd never use, and multimode models generally use soft switches that continually drain the battery to monitor for switch presses. Just gimme a plain mechanical switch with half-press momentary on and I'm perfectly content.


@urocyon: I can understand that. Makes sense.