deals$50 off orders $100+


I like ThinkGeek but I'm hard pressed to find even $30 worth of stuff I want to buy. And that's across the entire site. This list is way too limited to spend $100 on.


Even with 50% off this is only marginally a deal.


Dang, if that Firefly model that's on sale was included, I would have used this, but the items in this list weren't very good. The only things that are interesting are the Aperture shirt and the mini portal gun.


Garden Zombie! Oh yeah. Contemplating...


I always get warm fuzzies when I see random people mention Firefly. Just thought I'd say that.


if you can find another item or two to get you over the 100.00 hump - that sog multitool is a good piece. 68 alone on amazon, currently.


I'd get that garden zombie, but I think that's grounds for divorce...


I honestly can't stand ThinkGeek now. They say they offer free shipping on orders of $75+ but if you use a promo code (even one they send you), they charge you an arm and a leg for shipping. No Deal here, hit up a Five Below for all this junk!


The stuff they have is pretty cool, but way overpriced. Shipping is always a killer too. Their deals have gone downhill in the past few years. They used to regularly offer $10 off any order of $40 or more. They no longer do.


It's a good coupon, but not worth using on that short list of stuff. If it was the whole site I would easily use it.


I didn't have any problems getting to $100 with some gift buying. I was tempted to get two garden zombies - one for my garden and to leave in someone else's garden but that didn't happen.


@willamazonkillwoot: @theimmc: Do it! Do it now! I'm contemplating as well.
BUT, what really sucks is that you need to order something else in order to get the discount, all because of a friggin penny. Cheapest item on the page is a test tube of "instant snow", sigh...


@flamingonut: At first, free shipping, then with the coupon, shipping gets added. Can't win.


@flamingonut: I had the same problem. I ended up paying $11 for shipping :/


Someone needs to tell ThinkGeek their high prices and high shipping aren't getting them anywhere. It would be an achievement if they did something with the shipping at least. NOPE.

After that Abercrombie & Fitch incident, I wonder sometimes if that's how they sell their stuff: high price and shipping for those rich geek kids that get it while shunning down the poor ones or those who buy it because it looks cool but doesn't get the context. If anything, if something gets damaged, I assume they don't burn their whole stuff.