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In for 1! Hope it gets here by 2/14.


There is also another watercolor design for the same price that I thought was nicer. It showed up as a related item for me.


99 cent shipping per item or free if you spend $75


Though I appreciate Kohl's donations to ACS, I cannot support the Susan G.Komen Foundation for their withdrawal of support to Planned Parenthood, as well as their questionable dealings with corporations who's products actually contribute to exposing all of us to substances that are known to be causal factors to developing breast cancer.
Thanks, but I will not be taking advantage of this deal.

"As part of our commitment to fight breast cancer in Wisconsin, Kohl's will donate more than $7 million over three years to the American Cancer Society, Midwest Division and the Southeast WI Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure®."