dealsgamo varmint hunter pellet gun (new) for $129.99


Say hello to my little friend evil wood pecker.


My grandpa bought a Gamo Silent Cat, which is essentially the same gun, a couple years ago. He wanted a squirrel gun for his back yard, and handed it to me to go sight in. I was very impressed by it. Accuracy was dead on, every time. Plenty strong enough to pierce sheet metal at many yards while I was sighting it in for him.

The only downside I saw was (if I remember correctly) you have to individually load the pellets, so there's no way to quickly shoot multiple rounds. Might hinder small game capabilities, but for pest control in a quiet neighborhood, more than one shot gives away your position anyway! :)


The product description is in jest, but my 70s-vintage copy of "Joy of Cooking" describes in detail how to dress, skin, clean, and prepare such delicacies as:

* Squirrel (with line drawing of how to hold the tail while skinning)
* Opossum (suggest feeding milk for 24 hrs to clean out the innards)
* Raccoon (watch out for the scent glands under the arms)
* Armadillo (there's a lot of tasty meat under that shell)
* Monkey (just kidding, Mortimer)

After frying, stewing, or roasting these furry friends, the recipes for rabbit and deer are as exotic as a visit to McDonalds.

I'm suddenly finding myself seriously considering this air gun...


What the hell are you people smoking? This is perfectly legal in California. WTF?


Darn you, Woot. I had to talk myself down from purchasing this pellet gun when it was featured a few weeks ago. My inner red-neck really wants this, even though I know I have no real need for it. Please stop tempting me...


I have one of these when it was offered last time. You need an adult signature - woot customer service was awesome fixing me up for that.
The alloy pellets definitely go supersonic, you could take out small game or enjoy plinking.
There is a warning about shooting in your backyard, your neighbors may call the police and you will need a good backstop, a regular pellet trap is not recommended for this rifle.


@inbox485: Legal to own in CA, but not legal to ship there, kiddo. :-(


@stuffelse: This should be a very competent rifle for small vermin; I wasn't aware that there was such a thing as a multi-shot pellet rifle - only ones I've ever shot were singles.


@neolithicx: um ... please ... no woodpeckers, 'kay?

They don't usually do much damage except to dead wood with bugs in it, in which case they may be doing you a favor. And the "drumming" they do is just for show ... they like the sound it makes.


@shrdlu: visit my friend, real guns and ammo CAN LEGALLY ship to a kommiefornian. just for that i'm ordering a c&r firearm and geuss what? it is legal to have it ship to my house !


forgot to add, you can have air guns shipped to california.


So ... no extra points for spelling or coherence, ammirite?


@sdbcmr. Yes they do have multi shoot pellet guns, I have one that has a revolver style clip that holds 6 .22 caliber pellets. You have a pump action similar to a pump action shotgun the moves the cylinder and a co2 cartridge provides the air. Is very quick and has enough power to punch through more than a two sheets of stacked sheetrock (found out a little too late).


hrm... thinking about this for fathers day... though having a scope & laser sight might be a bit of overkill for grackles & cowbirds from 10 yrds away...

believe dad currently splits time between a 22, and a daisy pellet gun (not sure if it's the red ryder, but he's never shot his eye out though)


@neolithicx: woodpeckers are federally prrotected species.


Woodpeckers and flickers actually improve the health of a forest ecosystem by removing wood-boring and wood-eating insects and larvae. They are surprisingly efficient at this noisy task and can put a huge dent in a forest's pest population. Which is to say they don't damage trees, they prevent damage, and their pecking is done to remove these threats to the forest. Some of the most productive "predators", like the Pileated ("Woody") Woodpecker are endangered or threatened in many areas. So, besides being some of the more attractively-plumed birds in the tree, they're extremely beneficial as well.

wbu wbu

dang overbearing Pennsylvania laws, no woot wine, no woot guns


@sdbcmr: You're hitting home runs with your comments this morning!


@stuffelse: I'm not trying to be a jerk here, but if it takes you more than one shot to kill an animal, you either need to work on your aim, or you need a more powerful gun for the job.

It should never take more than one shot to kill an animal. If you want to shoot varmints, that's fine by me. Just don't make the process unnecessarily cruel. Only take a shot you know you won't miss, and always use enough gun.


Bought one last offering. Does NOT come with the installed batteries as stated.


@sr23det: it is against federal law to ship firearms to an individual who is not a FFL


@werdwerdus: As a Texas native, I admit my perspective is a "bit" skewed, but does California actually consider a pellet gun as a "firearm"? This makes absolutely no sense to me. In fact, it's plain stupid! To me a firearm implies "fire". That's just not the case here. Somebody please clarify; otherwise, my opinion of California will only get worse.


@sdbcmr: I beg to differ- they can do quite a bit of damage to the facing boards on a wood structure-- where there are no bugs-- I have one area of my house that has almost 6 feet of running damage caused by those little peckerheads


I have a similar pellet gun that my dad purchased as a gift for me the day I was born- 44 years ago! It still shoots great and rids varmits with ease... I think he paid around $100 for it 44 years ago.


@dpettus: @dpettus: as a lifelong shooter and hunter and as a "Texan by marriage" I can assure you California couldn't give a rodent's behind for any Texan's opinion of their state.

Just how it is.


@blackberryjam: I'm not saying you're wrong, but I'm very skeptical. I know from woodpeckers and there's no good reason they'd use energy they have to work for to survive in idly pecking at your house unless it was paying off.

They "peck" to get at insects in the wood.

They "drum" to declare their turf and to attract mates.

If they're persistently pecking at your house, it's either because it makes a superlative noise for drumming, or because they know something you don't about what's living in or between your facing boards.

At any rate, shooting them won't help (more will come if there's food) and may get you a federal citation.

I'm just sayin'.


@dpettus: he was claiming that it is legal to have real firearms shipped to his house, which is absolutely false for ordinary citizens


On pellet guns in CA, they are 100% legal to buy, ship, order online, etc. Woot just has it's collective head up its butt. Probably took legal advice from some inbred moron that heard his cousin/uncle/wife say they heard in a gun shop once.

As to firearms being shipped to a house, feel free to quote the federal law that prevents any firearm from being shipped directly to a buyer. It doesn't exist. Certain classes of guns can't be shipped, except to an FFL, but the federal laws do not cover certain classes as well as certain situational exemptions. I, as Joe nobody in the state of CA, can order an M1 from CMP for example and have a fully functional battle rifle chambered in 30-06 sent to my door with no FFL involved.

In short (to both woot and the bozo spouting off laws that don't exist), read the dang law or shut up about already.


@inbox485: US Code Title 18 Part I Chapter 44 Section 922(a)(2):

(a) It shall be unlawful -
(2) for any importer, manufacturer, dealer, or collector
licensed under the provisions of this chapter to ship or
transport in interstate or foreign commerce any firearm to any
person other than a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer,
licensed dealer, or licensed collector, except that -

read the rest:

This came from the Gun Control Act of 1968.


firearms classified as Curios and relics are not subject to the FFL rules of course


Yes I'm familiar with that law. I'm also familiar with the list of exceptions that make it incredibly ignorant to claim that all firearm shipments must go through an FFL.


Anyone else find it vaguely disturbing thatour fellow gun enthusiasts are so ... Well ... cranky? Only in a gun Woot do they keep flinging spit a day or two after the Woot is RIP'd ...


@sdbcmr: Well when you have ignoramuses such as woot and shrdlu spouting off condescending claims that it is illegal to ship a friggin pellet gun to CA when neither of them could point to the law that states such, and there is a pretty good deal on a fun little toy that a vendor won't ship to you "Thanks to stick-in-the-mud buzzkilling state legislators" when if fact the buzz killer is woot themselves, it is kind of annoying. But given that I'm stating facts rather than repeating worthless legal rumors I'm sure this comment will be downgraded like all the others that pointed out this trivial little detail. But when I'm able to point out a legal fact without childish condescension, and I'm not arbitrarily excluded from a deal because I live a random state, you'll find I'm really not cranky at all. ;)