dealsthe dark side of the moon (2011 - remaster mp3…


Now would be a great time for a new post for $3 in MP3s on Amazon.


I think I paid about five bucks for the album when it was new, and it included two posters.


How many copies of this album must I own?


Most overrated band of all time.


@cmarcospol: Overrated for a reason! And BTW..."all time" isn't over yet.


@cmarcospol: Pink Floyd has a record breaking 15.5 years and counting on the Billboard 200 chart...there must be a lot of people with bad musical taste in the world.


A remaster mp3? Isn't that an oxymoron?


A Goat reference - Thanks! Right back to when I was a kid. I used to beg my dad to play "the laughing man" song, so two great memories in one.


@cavimike: Not really. An MP3 is just the same sound file with certain high and low frequencies removed to reduce file size. To remaster a track from analog to digital, it could be done in multiple audio formats. But generally, a proper remaster would be done in full frequency (ex: .wav), cleaned up for distortion or background hissing/noise, volume normalized, then converted to the new format of MP3 to be sold at retail.


@codybodd: Is it me or can you take this two ways?


All that you give
All that you deal
All that you buy,
beg, borrow or steal.


@ : In that case let me be perfectly clear: there has been no greater band in my lifetime. We saw Gilmour Floyd 3x, and we've seen Roger Waters 13x since 2000. We flew to Munich for one our "The Wall" experiences. My husband even saw the original Dark Side of the Moon tour in college (yes, we are that old). I've seen hundreds of concerts in my lifetime, and I like everything from Tom Petty to George Winston, but the music of Pink Floyd is simply timeless. Apparently the director of the opening ceremony of the Olympics is a Floyd fan as well. Four Floyd references, including "Eclipse"'during the final fireworks was stunning and perfect.


"There is no dark side of the moon, really. Matter of fact it's all dark".

Is the little pitch bend at the end of Great Gig still present on the remaster?


@codybodd: What were the other 3 reference during the opening ceremonies? I was waiting for a Floyd tune, but didn't pick up on anything until the end...


@codybodd: I have a feeling some of the people who down voted your first comment read it the wrong way.


Welp, someone mentioned Dark Side of the moon. Time for me to listen to it.

Melt away the stress at work, you magical blend of tones and rhythm.


I picked up the SACD for $5 a few months ago. Just listened to it last weekend after hooking up my wooted Klipsch Quintets.....Wow--was all I could think. I heard notes that I haven't heard in ten years while listening at my father-in-laws off some junk shelf stereo system he had that, for some reason, had incredible range.

Definitely worth it at this price!


@1rudeboy: yes 4, sorry meant both ceremonies though. In the opening sequence while following the Thames River:

1. The pig was flying between the Battersea Power station (Animals album)
2. When they went by Big Ben, they played the clock sequence at the opening of "Time"
3. "Eclipse" after the cauldron was lit and the fireworks began, and in the closing ceremony, of course

4. The lovely "Wish You Were Here" with Nick Mason and Mike Rutherford playing (awesome) complete with a re-creation of the album cover including the burning man (fantastic)

Also heard some Floyd in the gymnastics floor exercises; I think "Shine On You Crazy Diamond"


@gusvonpooch: Ouch, I should have completed my thought.

My intent in listing the album statistics was to politely ask @cmarcospol to move on.

I have issues when The Floyd is insulted.


Pink Floyd I rank up as one of the top few bands.

And the Doors are underrated, not overrated. Incredible band.


@codybodd: It was annoying that someone was doing floor exercises to Floyd and I couldn't see it!


@dontwantaname: I know! It had a very surreal sound in that arena. I think it was a Romanian or Russian gymnast because they're cool with music like that. But I was stuck watching the balance beam...