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Green Amethyst? Isn't the terminology for heat treated quartz, which turns green because of the iron in it, called Prasiolite?
"A geologist would tell you that this gem stone is more properly called greened amethyst or prasiolite (sometimes spelled praziolite). The word "Prasiolite" comes from the Greek words meaning "Leek Stone". It is also known as Green Quartz or (incorrectly) called lime citrine. Less common names for the mineral are Vermarine and Amagreen."


Beautiful design! Great gift for August birthdays since the stone is similar in color to a peridot. I love the pastel green color. Very soft.


From Wikipedia: "Green quartz is sometimes incorrectly called green amethyst, which is an actual misnomer and not an acceptable name for the material, the proper terminology being Prasiolite. It is actually against FTC Guidelines to call prasiolite green amethyst.[citation needed] Other names for green quartz are vermarine, greened amethyst, or lime citrine."

Amethyst, by definition, is violet quartz. Calling this amethyst doesn't make sense.


I have never understood why they pick amethyst as the label for this green quartz stone. Citrine is also quartz, and is much closer to this color than purple amethyst quartz. Maybe because more people are familiar with amethyst than with citrine? I've never heard it called lime citrine.


Regarding the FTC regulations on calling this "Green Amethyst," I found this very informative post on GemologyOnline:

According to that post (which cites an FTC reg), it isn't illegal. (The poster also mentions that using the term "Herkimer Diamond" is also not illegal, despite the fact that a "herkimer diamond" isn't a diamond at all.) Referring to prasiolite as "green amethyst" is frowned upon by the various gemological bodies, but they have no legal power to enforce their guidelines.


How do they get away with calling this a "Natural" stone? It does not occur in nature. You have to take amethyst from specific mines and heat it to 500 degrees. Then the natural purple color turns green.

Natural? I think not. Maybe its not illegal to call this stone a green amethyst, but surely it has to be illegal to call it a natural stone.


Who really cares what it's supposed to be called. Either you like it or not.


I agree with omistew, and I like it!


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