dealskindle fire 7" 8gb tablet (open box) for $84.99…


Once again, the issue of "which generation Kindle is this" arises.

I bought one of these with the exact same product description during a WootOff. Everyone thought, because of the description, that it was a 2nd gen Fire. When the product arrived, it was a 1st gen Fire.

In other words, be careful buying this.


I've been looking for an inexpensive tablet for my 5 year old cause I keep worrying he's going to break mine. If this deal comes around again would anyone recommend this as a good tablet for a 5 year old?


@jgarcia408: Yep. Side load a couple of movies, get a copy of Angry Birds, and you will have one happy toddler.


Frankly, toddlers and preschoolers do NOT need a tablet contrary to popular opinion. Their PARENTS need them to occupy the children. Generations grew up without them and are much more focused human beings who learned patience. These "toys" offer on-demand attention and relieve parents of the need to sing songs with children, discuss colors and shapes of vegetables, or carry crayons to draw together on placemats at restaurants. Just MHO from someone who works with preschoolers and watches as they grab cell phones and start flipping through with ease or throw tantrums because they didn't get to go for a mani-pedi.

Yes, this would be a fine unit for a 5 year old. Better buy the insurance, though.


@tracieann: Not to be nasty, but it's frustrating for those of us who see the direction we are headed. A short amount of play time is fine, just don't let it become a babysitter


@tracieann: It's just teaching job skills for the modern age. Back in the day, jobs consisted of pushing rocks around or stacking sticks or something, so that's how kids played. Now jobs are in (or at least utilize) technology. My kid will run circles around your non-tablet-using youngster when it comes to technology use and knowledge. Nobody talks to each other in person anymore, so that's an unnecessary skill to teach a kid. :) Patience is just another word for being unproductive. Today's short attention span youngsters are tomorrow's multi-taskers!


@jgarcia408: you got too much money if youre gonna get a 5yr old a tablet...geeeez