dealsplanet earth: the complete bbc series [blu-ray…


This is a great way to make your child cry when s/he realizes that carnivores eat other animals, often cute ones, often the baby young cute ones that haven't learned how to survive best in the wild.


My wife has been collecting Disney movies for our kids to watch - I've been collecting these BBC blu rays - Planet Earth, Frozen Planet, Life. Obviously not to scare our kids, I just want to bring them up realizing how amazing and beautiful our planet is.


This is a fabulous, awe-inspiring series to watch. I bought it last year--or maybe it was the year before--for several friends' families for Christmas.
Last week "Life" was on and I recorded it. I've only watched 2 episodes so far but it is also beautifuly done.
The Discovery Channel just started airing a new series last night called "Africa". I set the dvr to record those also. I hope it's as well done.
Watching these shows in HD on a 55" screen is the next best thing to being there---and you don't have to worry that you'll get eaten : )


1) This isn't a great price, Amazon regularly offers this blu ray set for $19.99.
2) This blu ray doesn't include the 30 minute documentaries at the end of each disk that are offered on the DVD release. If you want that, you'll want the UK release of the blu ray set which has 5 disks instead of the 4 that the US release has.. You can get it on Ebay for around $20 too.


Waiting for Planet Zongo: The Complete BBC Series, until then, NOT A DEAL!