dealssylvania 78909 - dimmable led light bulb for $25…


Not a bad deal. Here's how this bulb stacks up:

-2700K = warm white color for all residential areas (maybe not kitchen)
-19w = 60w equivalent standard incandescent replacement (source=

For your own savings use:

-Basic bulb savings: replace 1, 1000 hour, 60 watt incandescent bulb with this LED bulb and save ~$100 over the life of the LED bulb
-Alternative calculation: it will take about 4.5 years of average use for the energy savings to pay for the cost of this LED bulb.


They're going to need to get a lot cheaper before I'll be convinced that there's a worthwhile saving over CFLs though. My experience with early CFLs was that the replacement cost when they failed long before they should have wiped out any energy saving against incandescents, but the last generation I have been using for 3-4 years without failure, and offer most of the saving an LED would against an incandescent, for only $2-3 each.
I'm sure that the day will come when LED lighting is as ubiquitous in the home as it is becoming in automotive, but I'm not going to be an early adopter this time.


I won't buy a bulb if it doesn't say the lumen rating. Finally, an actual "60 watt" equivalent (820 lumens)! (Most advertised as 60 replacements actually put out the same amount as a 40.) Thanks so much for the lightopedia link. I bought 2 of these to try them out. If the Sylvania brand performs well, I might go back for the 78911 model that I discovered, too, a "75 watt" replacement (1100 lumens).


The two things LED bulbs have over CFL bulbs:
Service life and versatility.
A CFL will last ~5 years (I don't have the hours off hand). An LED can last up to 35 years under similar conditions. You'll pay off your mortgage before you have to replace these again.
LED bulbs age by slowly dimming. Barring a power supply failure, that is.
An LED bulb can also withstand conditions that would murder a CFL bulb, such as being in recessed fixtures, outdoor lamps, or in this bulb's case, a dimmer.
I recommend it. In the long run this bulb will save you money, both in energy and bulb replacements.