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I've been using one of these for two years for my son's lunches. He tells me that people often comment about how much food fits in that little box. We are very happy with it. The only thing that disappointed me was that the container with three compartments will leak liquid between the compartments.


Looks Like an Americanized Bento Box. Not sure about how the size matched up but sounds close to the bento boxes I have. you can find them on ebay easy with cool (AKA Cute) or sophisticated. sure they are mostly coming from Hong Kong but I've never had a problem with them. Pricing though does vary hugely. Personally I"d say get one that has more personality


@anonymity: I had that same problem with mine, so what I started doing was a bit of the 'press and seal' plastic wrap around the sections when I think it'll get jostled.

I have the similar-ish three-square-boxes one that was on woot itself a while back, and since there are removable bits inside, I often wrap those entirely in plastic to be sure no moisture leaks.

@andyskitty: They really are very similar to "americanized bento boxes," but I find I like the features on these a little better. There's a more secure seal to them, so you don't need any bands to keep it shut, and they're all BPA free which is not always the case with actual "bento" boxes. Plus, unlike the steel ones, these are microwaveable.


@aelia: Don't know what Bento Boxes you've been using but one the 3 two layer on that I have (I have several others that are different styles) the bands are needed only to keep the two levels together not to hold the lids on, in fact if your having trouble with the lids closing then you might have a little too much in them. In fact the only problem I've ever really had with mine is the one time that I left the lid tight closed on the container never fit the same after.