dealsbooty pop classic cotton padded panties -- xl…


stay classy woot...... who am i kidding i am amused


If you wear an XL, you probably don't need the booty pop. Just saying.


Perfect for when you don't have enough junk in your trunk... When you want something cushy for your tushie... When you want to show a bump for your rump!



I'll wear these while I shove a rolled-up sock in the front. Double the customers! ;-P


For those days where I say to myself "I wanna look like J-Lo."

As a 29 year old male, this happens often.


Honey, do these undies make my butt look big?


@universalcynic: If this was an OhCheri deal, you would have been downvoted to oblivion.

However, it's not, so have my support and upvote!


I want to look like one of those rap guy's girlfriends.


LOL! I almost didn't post this but then I remembered how funny you folks can be. Well worth the post.

And I confess, I just watched the entire video, @embhorn. Thanks for posting the link!


Exactly what in the hell is about a bloated ass that's supposed to be attractive?

If you want to be gross, have a damn cheeseburger.


Can these undies double as riding shorts because my butt hurts when I ride my road bike :)


"I'll wear these while I shove a rolled-up sock in the front. Double the customers! ;-P"

I am going to be laughing all day!



Was it the "damn", the "hell", or the "ass" that did it?

Ok, ok, ok. Fine. Fat ass. Awesome. Love it. All chicks should wear the phony fat ass thing. You're right. It's not cheaper to just lay off the diet and exercise.

I stand corrected.


@throgmar: Some people suffer from what Dave Chappelle refers to as "pancake ass". :-)

This is like falsies for your butt.


@ohcheri: I my family we say we have "a bad case of gone-ass." No amount of exercise or dieting will give us luscious booties, regardless of our body types.

Now that I think of it, maybe I SHOULD buy this!


@belyndag: My ex-husband used to ask me if I left my ass in my other he's my ex-husband and I do own something similar to this ;-)


@ohcheri: So.... you are saying you are available then?


@firefox91: Sorry, no...I am a re-married flat bottom girl :-)


@ohcheri: LOL! I always like to pretend that we are just misunderstanding Queen's lyrics.