dealsverbatim, 32gb store 'n' go pin stripe usb flash…


This may be different, but with my collection of Verbatim Tuff n' Tiny drives, I find that those over 8g (meaning 16+ gigs each) are quite slow. This may not be the case in this drive, but you may want to look up some data before deciding you can run portable apps on it.


Shipping is $6.49 to the Midwest. Last time I bought from eCost, the item I purchased didn't work. Called to return it and they transfered me to their trouble shooting department. All the guy did was argue with me. That was 3 years ago. I haven't purchased from them since.


I bought an item from eCost and it didn't come with all the parts. Took MONTHS to get them to allow me to return it. The refund never hit my card. No... steer very clear of eCost.


Thank you for the warning was considering order one but decided against it after your comment


GOTTA LOVE THE OVER INFLATED SH! SHOULD BE 2BUCKS AT THE MOST 1ST CLASS. I just bought a kingston 16gb data traveler 101 for under 10 bucks shipped on Now that's a deal!.


@virtual4desires: Assuming the package is 3oz or less, First Class Mail Parcel service costs $1.95 (it's an additional 17 cents for each oz over 3). I'm unclear on whether or not this comes in retail packaging but if so, the package will more than likely weigh over 3oz. If they add delivery confirmation to the packages, that's an additional 80 cents. One must also consider the cost of the shipping materials themselves.

While $6.49 IS inflated, "2 bucks at most" is a bit of an underestimate.


These particular drives are quite slow 10 MBps read and 4 MBps write. So we're looking at 8,000 seconds to write the full content. And at 3600 seconds to the hour, to paraphrase Scotty, we're goin' nowhere mighty fast Capt'n.

OTOH, I once bought a Linksys 400N simultaneous dual-band router from eCost for $28 shipped - I got it in 3 days and have been using it for over a year now with no problems. So I can't speak knowledgeably about their customer service, but as I recall shipping was fair at the time.

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@tljx: hmmmm wonder how does it then, 9.85 shipped for a kingston 101 datatraveler 16 gb drive, just got it in the mail today and already loaded movies on it and it is pretty quick. ecost is just as big as is. Considering that most net sellers have jumped on the free shipping band wagon, ecost seems to still refuse to offer the same service that is UNLESS you buy into there membership plan which to me isn't worth it. I am not doggin ecost in any way, i bought from them along time ago and the item i bought was a spare and never had use for it until one day it came across and the item was a failure, it didn't work and the time frame had way expired. This day and age you cannot trust and assume something is going to work even at brand new so i got burnt. With the economy the way it is and me getting hit hard by layoff then forced to take a part time job and loosing more than half what i use to make, every penny counts that i could save.