dealspatriot axle 32gb usb 2.0 flash drive for $9…


It looks like the rebate expires tomorrow (09/27).


@davechri: The rebate does not expire tomorrow. From the rebate form,
•Valid on orders made between: 9/26/2012 thru 9/27/2012
• Must be postmarked within 30 days of purchase


The Newegg site allows five per order, but the Patriot rebate will only honor one rebate per qualifying rebate offer, per person, billing address, household and receipt/invoice. I ordered two then had to get CS to cancel the order.


I posted this same deal for $11 a few months ago and it quickly sold out- I'd get in now if you want one.


Yes, I purchase this drive several months ago from Newegg against my better judgment. I normally steer clear of any deals involving a mail-in rebate.

I sent in all the necessary forms, UPC codes, etc. and STILL have not received the rebate.


I bought one in July and got the rebate card (Amex), several weeks ago. No problems. Bought a red one a few days ago, got it yesterday and sent the rebate yesterday.

I always make sure I do every silly little they they ask for (checking boxes, signing, circling the product, etc.) and always STAPLE the UPC to the rebate form so it cannot get lost.

I also scan all my stuff and keep it in a dated PDF.

In 20 years of rebates, I have only had one problem. With that one exception, I always get my rebate without calling or anything.


@j0hnlind: I've had a similar experience when it comes to rebates. I go through the same steps; making copies, circling, attaching, signing and I have never had one problem.


@j0hnlind: I've never had problems either. Does suck that it's a prepaid AMEX card though vs. an actual check.


@allthefreakypeople: I take my rebate cards to Subway (a place I frequent) and add the total to a Subway card, which has no expiration date or fees.

At times, if I have one on the desk and someone asks me to give to their Cancer walk or something of the sort, I will give the whole amount to that.

It is tedious to use it a little at a time, and I think they count on a percentage of folks never using the whole amount. (AMEX has a $2 a month fee after 6 months, a detail in the fine print!)

Another poster suggested spending the whole card on gasoline, though I think you have to take them inside the store to use.


Still not yet sold out as of 11:20 AM Pst. Amazing!