dealsnerf dart tag quick 16 for $14.98


I picked one of these up on super-duper clearance earlier this year, for $7.50. Which is good, because it's barely worth that. It jams VERY easily and even with the jam door, can be extremely difficult to clear. I think the first time we used it, we destroyed 3 or 4 darts trying to get them out.
Also, this thing doesn't like suction darts--only the bullet-style.


@mdlwoot: none of the clip-style nerf dart guns take "regular" darts, they all use a slightly different dart.


There's a very, VERY limited amount of Nerf Guns that take suction darts anymore. Basically it's just the Maverick (the one with the Peacemaker-style barrel loading) that does.

Nerf has streamlined to 3 types of ammo: N-Strick bullets, Nerf Tag velcro darts (this, as well, is limited to only about 2 guns on the market), and Vortex discs.

I prefer this, actually, because back when they had regular darts, velcro, suction, whistles (that never worked), etc. I never knew what kind of ammo to get. For most people, it's now either the Bullet-style or the discs. Pretty simple!


Stick with the NStrike series. I bought a Tag gun and the range and accuracy were miserable compared to the NStrike, or even the Vortex.


The purpose of these guns is that Nerf holds Dart Tag tournaments, where competitors are restricted to using Dart Tag blasters. That makes the tournaments internally balanced, but if you're looking for a blaster to use around the office or in a casual Nerf battle with friends, stick with the N-Strike or N-Strike Elite series blasters, like the new Strongarm:


Get one while you can! Might get banned because it holds more than 10 rounds in a detachable magazine! Those 2 pistol grips make it even more deadly, as well!