dealsteam 32gb micro sdhc flash card class 10 for $23…


This would go great with the Samsung HD video camera I got off moofi yesterday. Code worked like a charm...thanks!!


that's great but there are 32 gb class 10 samsung microsd's all over ebay for $25 with free shipping.


I got super excited because I thought it was 10 of them for $23.

Crap brand or not, I was in.


@danamerizzi: Yes, it's a good price for Samsung, but ebay is risky. You don't know if you are buying counterfeit goods that might even be virus infected.


@nanaejt: i think what @danamerizzi means is that the ebay versions aren't really the capacity advertised. For a while, this was the most common scam on ebay; the card is tampered with so that a 1gb card shows as a 16gb card, but once you write more than 1gb you get unrecoverable errors. Luckily, newegg's return policy makes this a non-issue for these cards and I am tempted to pick one up for my latest woot-sansa-clip.


almost bought this size but class 6 on ebay last night for $20. Glad i waited.


My experience on Ebay regarding flash devices is uniformly negative. As mentioned above, the
drive might have a nice label, but the guts are the fake part. Either the capacity is usually faked,
which leads to corruption of the file system. Always use H2testw to check this kind of stuff.