dealsvelvet reindeer costume with jingle bells for $19…


Check out the Deal of the day, I believe this one is for Spyder.. Blonde and Blindfolded......


So, this really isn't a great deal. What I would like to know now is, are you voting up the hot chick or the deal?


Christmas stuff already? I was looking forward to the end of the Halloween stuff, but not for a new theme. Darn.


@mommyleah: Where did you find this item for a lower price?


If I remember correctly (and I do), mommyleah is the same user who asked the same question about a previous ohcheri deal.
Apparently, she didn't like my answer. She also claimed she can find these things at Target, to which I asked her, which Target she shops at. I never did get my answer.


@ohcheri: Ill make it myself and get some antlers from the Dollar store. :-D


@mommyleah: I believe velvet retails for around $20 a yard so it depends on if you put a value on your time. Also, not everyone is talented enough to make their own clothes :-)


@ohcheri: Very true! I guess ill have to say that for the price of not making it yourself it really isn't a bad deal :-)

P.S.- I don't know if my hubby would really care if it were true velvet, most likely he won't even know and this outfit would spend more time bunched up on the floor ;-)


@killjoy: Hey! Didn't even ever see a reply to my question. I shop at my target in Aurora, CO. So bummed that someone actually read my question and answered and I didn't even reply, sorry about that. So did you answer wether or not you were voting on the chick or the deal?


@killjoy: Love Ya Killjoy! Just replied on the older rainbow dress post with some fun info :-)


> wether or not you were voting on the chick or the deal?
By asking the question you are declaring your bigotry.
Are you downvoting the hot chick, the deal, or is it just your own perception of those who upvote?
Meself, I'll upvote IF it's a good deal AND it's a hot chick AND it's a good outfit. Otherwise, I just pass on by. No up nor down, no reason.
This outfit... is cute. And it's a deal; many stores near here would charge $50 for something like this. It could be the Easter reindeer, or the July4 reindeer, I don't care. It's cute.


@mommyleah: We want pics of you modeling it.


@mommyleah: Seriously? That's your answer? "I can make this myself"? That doesn't negate the deal you... ugh, you know what, you're probably some wonderful seamstress who can't stand to see young attractive women without appropriate costumes every time your eyes land on one.

Enjoy middle age.