dealscuisaid digital kitchen scale for $9.99


This would be an excellent portable scale to keep in my car.


I guess they combined "Cuisinart" and "Kitchen-Aid" to produce a name that sounds familiar but really isn't.


@craigthom: Yeah, it ends up sounding like the justice of the peace from The Princess Bride trying to say the word "Crusade."


I picked up one of these a few months ago at the same price and have been using it daily ever since. For the price, it gets the job done, but it doesn't come off to me as something that I'd ever pay more than $10 for. The build is very cheep feeling, the large button on the face doesn't always respond to a push the way I expect, and to change to another unit of measurement, you have to press a small button on the bottom of the device.

That said, it works. Tested the accuracy using a small 5lb weight and a two nickels, and it nailed both of them. So for the price, I'm happy. I'd likely look for a more fancy model in the future, but I don't regret this one bit.


If you want to check out a cool cheap scale, this is the one to keep an eye on for free shipping or coupon (e-mail), which occurs frequently at Meritline.
All functions on front, has modes for weight, water and milk(?) w/ tare function. The most easily stored thing in the kitchen.


@11dndd11: your link isn't working. Goes to a Meritline Shopping Cart which is empty.


@craigthom: The "Top Comments" section is funnier if yours comes before Nosty's. I did my part and added a vote to your comment. Now we just need a couple more...



@nosty: wait-- not to be a stickler, but do you really think that guy from the Princess Bride was a "justice of the peace?" You need to revisit that scene! :)