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So " FREE " with a $20.00 purchase. Misses the deal mark fior me.


You're right, jiggersgreen, this is not a great "deal". But is an opportunity to introduce yourself to this really great company. I found them here about a year ago. They have wide selection of spices - all very fresh. I've purchased 5 or 6 times from them - and their shipping and service is very fast and free over $20. They throw in an ounce of any spice of your choice. An ounce of most spices is a lot!

FYI, I'm not a shill for this company. I've been on Woot 6 years.


@jiggersgreen: Also, you get free shipping and a spice sample with any order. It's a good opportunity to buy seasonings you know you want, and get a sample of something you'd like to try. I buy all my spices from these guys and have never been disappointed. Their applewood smoked sea salt is da bomb, by the way.


ok, here's my 2cents worth on this company. I've ordered twice from them. I got fresh, reasonably priced spices, shipped free, fast. What more could you possibly want from this company? I am a customer for life. As for the 15 that voted against them they need to get a life.


Will this help me win the cinnamon challenge?

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@chypher: The $3 shipping is for orders under $10. Orders $10 and over ship free, and orders $20 and up get the free Ceylon cinammon. In additiona, all orders get a free 1oz sample chosen off a large list of seasonings.

RE your other comment, if someone gives you something and you don't have to pay for it, it's free. That's pretty much the definition of free. Generally the samples businesses give away free with no purchase are very tiny. 4oz cinnamon with purchase is a generous amount-- it would take years to go through that much cinnamon, but then I don't bake much.


@jiggersgreen: I went to the site and it says free shipping on all orders but a $3.00 spice it up fee for orders over $10.00 not $20.00. Am I not seeing the same thing you are? Plus there are more items that you can choose from as your free gift other than the one mentioned


Ok, so not exactly a deal. But I am definitely using that site for Mother's Day. Free shipping and a free sample with every order? Sign me up.


@chypher: Yes, you're not seeing something the rest of us are seeing: the claim of "free" Ceylon cinnamon.

If you have to buy something else to get it, it's not free, except in marketing-speak (also known as lying).