dealsg.skill 16gb (4 x 4gb) 240-pin ddr3 sdram desktop…


You're not comparing apples and apples. The deal is for 16GB of 2133mhz ram. You linked 8GB of 1600mhz ram. you can run at tighter timings on the 2133mhz if you run it at 1600mhz.


Eh, increasing ram speed (and even improving timings) isn't exactly the best way to give yourself a speed increase. The likely 0.1 FPS increase of the deal set vs the set stevo linked isn't in any way, shape or form worth the ~1.5x price premium.

In everything but incredibly memory intensive operations (and no, no game out there is memory intensive in such a way that this matters) there is going to be at best a minimal visible difference between either of these two sets and a 1333MHz set with 9 CAS latency.

If we were still on DDR1 or 2? Timings and speeds would matter much more significantly, but this is throwing away money to fix a problem that doesn't exist.


Fantastic ram - I paid about the same two weeks ago - the only stinker is 1 per house hold.



Also, with this deal you are forced to buy 16gb of memory.

8gb - hell, 4gb - is enough for pretty much any job, including heavy gaming. 16gb is absolutely overkill unless you're doing heavy video editing or something like that.

Not many people should be buying this deal imo. They could save nearly $80 if they went with some other 8gb memory; and then they could apply that $80 somewhere else upgrading their PC that will actually make a noticeable difference.