dealsstar wars limited edition xbox 360 w/ kinect…


Many retail stores are selling this at $349 so buyer beware, even with the $50 card it's not a very good deal if you know of a place selling it near you.


@kkotd: What retail store is selling this for $350? Not Target, Best Buy, or Walmart


@kkotd: No one is selling this for $350... at least not a retail store. You may be thinking of the Gears of War 3/Modern Warfare 3 console. This item has not even been released yet and has a retail price of $449.99.

The only way for retailers to give a deal on it is to basically offer a gift card (which Target has done already, and now Amazon)


WTF... I already preordered this via amazon a few weeks ago - UGH... I will have to talk to customer service


@bond007taz: you're covered.. It is automatically applied to amazon pre-orders


Can it stop trash compactors if it is about to crush me and my friends?


...And finally Microsoft is selling something that would make me switch from a PS3 to an XBOX. Dammit.


@chicagobrah: I felt the same way until my wife "forced" me to buy an xbox for the kinect features. I have to say that I actually use the xbox as often as I use my PS3. They're both good systems and I have no problems using either one.


if I didn't know the next gen xbox is coming in 15 months or so, i'd be all over this because I'm still on my old original style 360 (5th RROD replaced refurb) and who doesn't love a Star Wars themed console.

my guess is they will eek one more Christmas cycle out of the current generation and then make 2013 the year of the new version


@smathura: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
my eyes!

kill it! kill it! burn it down! make it stop!!