dealslego star wars gungan sub 9499 for $65.99 + free…


The regular price of this set is $69.99, so this isn't a great deal. What IS a good deal, though, is using the YOYO coupon code, IF you are a new customer.

NEW CUSTOMERS USE YOYO30 for 30% off any one item!! I can't believe a YOYO "sale" was posted and no one mentioned their going-on-for-well-over-a-year-now 30% off any one item (up to $20 - so it's a waste to use it on $100 item, for example, since that knocks it down to 20% off)!!

This set is $46.19 after the coupon! And it's free shipping (I THINK), since YOYO and all of the sister sites offer free shipping for orders over $49. That total can be reached on one site - or the total combined from multiple (sister) sites. I believe they count the total before discounts, but I'd have to check to be sure.

By the way, this is an Amazon-owned company (the last I lheard, at least), just as woot is.


$65.99 is only a $4 off the "RRP" - the original retail price per Lego - which was $69.99. To see what a Lego set "should" cost, or whether a site is inflating Lego prices, I recommend that you go to Just put the set# into the upper right-hand corner search box, & you'll get all the info about that set – if it's still available at (if not, when it was) & most importantly, the original price. Many sites inflate Lego prices, then put them on "sale" (Toys "R" Us is horrible about doing this – 95% of all Lego sets they sell are priced higher than at, & that is what Yo-Yo did here.

Don't forget: New customers USE COUPON CODE YOYO30 FOR 30% OFF ANY ONE ITEM, with a maximum discount of $20. If you've already made a purchase from YOYO, then use a different email address and have it shipped to a friend or relative. 30% off a Lego that's already slightly discounted is not too easy to come by!! I've been a "new" customer 3 times!