dealsdell outlet home clearance - up to 30% off some…


GREAT deal, too bad the m11x isnt on board, I'd be all over it :D


Sorry. The product you are looking for is currently out of stock



Oh nice! So, what do you think is the cheapest thing from here that can run Diablo III?

Do they have anything from here that can turn into a tablet?


Anything there with a dedicated graphics card will run D3.

I love my m11x R3, though it's not on this deal.


Only one laptop in their list that has an i5 core. I clicked through to see the price. The coupon code doesn't apply for it...


Dell customer service is worse than you can possibly imagine.

This prevents reasonable people from every buying a dell, and should prevent any but the most insanely masochistic from buying a dell refurb.


Do not buy their consumer models!
instead, look at their small business models. They're not as fancy, but are more sturdy and dependable.


Bought 4 Dell desktop refurbs 6 months ago and they run great. Dell knows what business their in!