dealscountertop oven, cooks 3-in-1 breakfast center…


HOLY MOTHER OF BREAKFAST, I need to own this!! It even matches my everything-red kitchen!


Doc Brown would own this... in 1985


Looks like it could be useful...too bad it's only available in fugly-azz RED.


Price goes up to $50 when I add it to my cart...what gives =(, I want my 3-in-1


@pcastro790: same here--guess the deal is dead


Looks like the deal was good just in the month of April. Looking at a cached version it says "$35 april" next to it, and then when you refresh the page or put it in your cart it changes to "$50 everyday".


There are other versions that only toast a bagel and cook one egg for a McWich-alike, this is the more robust version.

But yes, this is pretty much perfect for an RV or trailer, as well as particularly small apartments.


How does this not throw a breaker? Can you actually use all three at the same time?


So when one of the components goes bad you just end up buying a single piece to replace the bad component. Then your countertop becomes cluttered with small appliances and a half dead combo appliance. Pass.


I purchased a somewhat similar about a year ago and LOVE it.

The one I bought is $33 bucks at Amazon and cooks toast, meat and an egg all at once. I used it to toast an english muffin, pre-cooked turkey sausage and egg beaters while I'm in the shower for a relatively low-cal, low-carb and low-fat breakfast on the go.


Granted, it looks like this will truly cook on the griddle which is better than mine which reheats precooked meats and mine does eggs instead of coffee.

I think I like mine better though since it is smaller, less expensive and I don't drink a lot of coffee at home.


I had this in my guest house and then in my office...made egg sandwiches at work and cinnamon rolls at the SAME TIME...and wouldn't let my coworkers have any...muahahahah


@nm3210: What a bummer. I wondered about that yesterday, but figured, "Well, JCPenney's whole deal now is that they offer one price all the time, so surely the price won't change in a day."