dealskohl's - 30% off, free shipping, and kohls cash


30% off only applicable if you use a Kohl's Charge card.


@ki4rxm: This deal includes the notice of Kohls cash and free shipping, and is also not a pre-deal (thus not breaking the posting rules) - I also believe that it is easier to see, since the one you linked I had no idea what was for until I went into it.


As mentioned, coupon only works if you have a Kohls charge card. The coupon SMS7302 gives 20% off, no Kohls charge necessary, and does stack with the free shipping and bonus cash.


@pinchecat: Dupe of what? This deal was not live until 04/18 (today). Search below doesn't show anything recent for 30% off. I see a very poorly noted deal from 2 days ago that has only the a 30% code and no mention of free shipping or Kohls cash. Not to mention that if that is the deal you are talking about, predeals are not allowed.


People should be banned for not researching before they call something a dupe.


You may want to compare prices first. Kohl's can have some pretty high prices, that's why how they run these sales all the time. You have to catch them when the prices are marked down and running the 30% off offer.


I had 2 pairs of capris I was watching. They had been $21.99. I got them for $28.00. That's $14 each which is really good and I didn't have to deal with a store. Worth it to me.


@lichme: Fair enough that the other was a pre-deal and poorly written, but regardless yours was a dupe until that deal was removed. Don't see how my reference is poorly noted? No need to get testy, I was only pointing things out.


For those that may not know...Kohl's is a VERY good place to get great clothes, cheap. Gotta know HOW to shop, though. In store, you do a lot better then online.