deals$25 off $50 purchase @ bonobos


Bonobos.. looks like a bunch of monkey suits to me.


I thought it might be nice to get a shirt or two that I could wear to work but the first shirt I saw cost $165. I didn't even see a second shirt because I closed the page right after that. $25 is not enough to make these a decent (or fair) price. Tell me, is it so wrong to expect to be able to buy two nice shirts for about $50?


Can't really buy things from a place that consciously sells and posts pictures of peach-colored pants for men.


It's like, how much more horrible could these pants be? And the answer is none. None more horrible.


It looks like department store clothes, but it costs 4x more!

Seriously, who's going to pay $88 for a flannel shirt, a pair of cheap plimsoll shoes, or the cheapest pair of pants they offer? And that's on sale!

I would say that "even at half off, their prices aren't good enough," but this coupon doesn't make ANYTHING half off because nothing is anywhere near $50... unless maybe you want a tie. Just a tie. For $25 after a half-off discount.

Who buys from this place? I see their ads all the time. Who?


@suludance: I thought nothing could be worse than those horrible peach pants. I was sooooo wrong.


So this is where the "designer" clothes are sent before winding up on a clearance rack at TJ Maxx.


overpriced stuff in my humble opinion. Not gonna pay that much, too prep douche baggy in my not so humble opinion. insert gong sound


That's not peach color, it's baboon butt color.


The thing is whoever the genius was at this company who decided Woot, a deal site full of cheap ass people looking for everything as cheap as possible, would be a great place to set up advertising for their massively overpriced, "I have no taste in clothes" line of clothes should be fired on the spot....problem is whoever actually is responsible probably IS some college douche who thinks those clothes are hip and trendy and really doesn't get it.


You can purchase the 5 pocket cotton denim pants for $98 less $25, for the stunning price of $73... or just get them at Wal-mart for $15. Also, another consideration; I know a lot of people like purchasing expensive clothing, but I find it hard to want to spend 6 times the cost for casual clothing, or double what it would cost at a department store I can actually try the stuff on at.


As soon as I saw the "GQ Pick" I had hope... then I found the grape and paisley pants


If you're on this website chances are "high end" clothing stores like Bonobos or Bloomingdales isn't for you. You don't have to like 100% of the things on the website, and you certainly don't have to pay full price on anything. Wait for a sale or clearance, or simply don't shop there at all.


It's nice to see the really ugly pants are back.


Come on! Doesn't anyone have the guts to buy/wear these things? (you know I kidding, right?)


It appears some of their sunglasses are nearly identical to our friends at Goggles4U. And they even offer prescriptions. $180 for spice brown sunglasses? Not so much.


Those are the worst-looking pants I ever saw. When you buy pants like those I bet you get a free bowl of soup.


@suludance: Thank god someone else saw the horror that are those pants...

What has been seen cannot be unseen...


@rroberto: I wish I could upvote you more than once for that comment!!!


A guy at work wears Bonaboos. He thinks he's really trendy. What he doesn't know is that the ladies struggle not to crack up when he walks by and the guys make fun behind his back. Orange pants? C'mon man.


Okay, real talk, they do have a lot of ridiculous pants, sure. But they have many more non-ridiculous pants, shirts, etc. A friend of mine says they make the best-fitting pants he's ever worn.

Has anyone actually purchased anything from Bonobos and had a bad experience, or is everyone just downvoting based on the peach pants?


I actually only own Bonobos pants (outside of one pair of gap jeans I keep around for painting and car work), and believe it or not, I don't own a single pair of peach or teal colored ones. I have 2 pairs of denim, 2 pair of bull denim, and an assortment of cords. They are the BEST fitting pants on earth.

I've also never (not even once) paid full price for a pair. Googling "Bonobos coupon codes" will bring up a number of coupon codes that work a bit better than $25 for $50. They always have a 20 or even 30% off code valid.

If you think that their clothes are expensive, fine. But if you have never tried a pair on, don't say you can "get the same thing at wal-mart for $15"... you just sound like an idiot.


If these didn't get me laid in the '70s why repeat history?


@shuckthatjive: It's not really downvoting because of ugly pants (well some might) I think it is more the fact that it isn't really a good deal. @poormanwalking seems to love these pants but even he admits that googling for a coupon code will score you better deal. (in my opinion the company might have done better to post that for their sponsored deal instead of this one)


Yeah, they have some (deliberately) ridiculous pants, there is no way around it. They've got a sense of humor (just read the descriptions) and the crazy ones are done in limited quantities.

But I've got some perfectly normal pants from them (brown, khaki, navy blue, light blue... and no, not all those colors on a single pair of pants!) and they truly are the best-fitting pants I own. I regularly get compliments and, "Please tell me where I can get a pair of those pants" when I wear them; they genuinely flatter your figure and are built to last. (Plus, I appreciate a company that has a free-returns-always policy when it comes to clothing.)

So yeah, make fun of the crazy pants -- you're supposed to -- but they have a lot of excellent clothing as well. (Their shirts, likewise, fit quite well. And the bull denim is so comfortable that I am just fine with buying them instead of regular jeans from now on.)


Bonobos: clothing for the blind.


@suludance: "It's like, how much more horrible could these pants be? And the answer is none. None more horrible."

I beg to differ.



A. Horribly inferior construction on these clothes.
(brother was an avid/rabid fan) I noticed he had to baby his clothes lest they tear/rip/stitch pull etc.. Not like "Oh dry clean only" but he had to make a concious effort to "be careful" in his daily goings on to avoid hurting his clothes on 9 out of the 10 things he'd have.
B. Nothing special about the materials (minus some horrible new colors)basically the EXACT same stuff/ratios you get at K-Mart.
C. The "cut" may be a little better than some other things you'll pick up, fit wise, but if you really care that much, buy something nicer (and cheaper) and get it tailored after it outlives this stuff by about 10X you'll more than make up for the cost of the fix. At these prices you're close to getting custom tailored shirts anyway, why not kick in the extra dough and get something perfect?
D. Bonobos: Crap clothing with a "Hip brand identity" that accounts for 80% of the retail purchase price.


I love when Bonobos deals come up because the ignorant comments are priceless. I think the only valuable comment I see is from @zentide.

Do they have ugly clothes? Yes. And so does K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Target, Macy's, Nordstrom, J. Crew, Gap, Kohls, and just about every other retailer out there, so maybe we should all just not shop at a store when they sell something we don't like. That would make it hard to shop, oh, anywhere, but why not?

To give @zentide some credit, and to assume he is only talking about the Bonobos label itself, I have occasionally had bad luck with their label, but many of the other items are of great quality (see Jack Spade, Dodo, Gant). Also, as others have mentioned, they do sell thinks that aren't peach or paisley. Hopefully everyone on here is intelligent enough to figure that out.

Finally, if assume that everyone on here simply down voted the deal because it's not a good deal, then fine, maybe it's not the best, but get over the pants.


@vanfrap: You said "Do they have ugly clothes? Yes. And so does K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Target, Macy's, Nordstrom, J. Crew, Gap, Kohls, and just about every other retailer out there"

It's not simply about ugly clothes. The point of all this is the absolutely hideous exorbitant prices.

I am a male and have a designer closet and a shoe collection that outdoes most women. I wouldn't pick Bonobos off a clearance rack anywhere.


@vistaseas: Okay, fair enough (sort of). But I have a question, are you referring to the Bonobos brand specifically or everything in general regarding the price? I ask because most things at Nordstrom out price Bonobos (generally speaking . . . jeans to jeans, etc.). For example, someone mentioned a pricey flannel at Bonobos (somewhere in the $80 range) and you could go to Nordstrom to pickup a Diesel flannel for $200. No, they aren't the same product, but . . . for comparison.

Thank you for an intelligent comment. And for not mentioning the peach pants.


@vanfrap: Thank you for not taking offense. Sure. I see some Armani shoes and Ann Demeulemeester shoes for example, that are BORING, not stylish and absolutely not worth the $350 - $900 they are asking. I put them in the same category as Bonobos. What is annoying, however, is that Bonobos keeps getting posted without much of a deal, not much of a style, and they don't even list the other coupons they have active that are better. It's like me getting a $20-off coupon for a pair of Christian Louboutins. But at least Louboutin has style.


@rroberto: "Woot, a deal site full of cheap ass people looking for everything as cheap as possible" Dyson vacs and those Japanese knives, just to name two?


@stanleys: refurbished dyson vacuums, and overpriced Japanese knives that are on huge discount...yes those people.Ever notice there are never new dysons posted, only refurbs...usually those are directly from woot too.) Remember, there are lots of other deals sites out there. In being on most of them at one time or another I can confidently say those of us here are without a doubt the cheapest. Many times a great deal that has been a FP thing on other sites gets blasted down here.


@rroberto: "Huge discount..." I had to laugh at that because the "huge" discount is from a ridiculous MSRP that NOBODY ever pays. I highly recommend the book "Cheap" by Ellen Shell for an examination of this.