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I have never pre ordered a video game before.

Does anyone know about Newegg's sipping for pre orders? Is it release day delivery? Does it get there a week later? I have purchased many computer parts from them and it can be quick depending on the source but I am not sure with this.

Thinking of snagging this deal or waiting for it to be $35 after Thanksgiving.


I've never preordered a video game from them either. I did the preorder, but I might cancel before the release date.. I just can't decide right now.


I've pre-ordered a few games from newegg because Amazon has become stingy with their pre-order bonuses. The games usually arrive the day or the day after release if I remember correctly. Definitely not more than 2 days though.


newegg $47.99 is the only way I buy games. Sometimes you will receive the game a day before release day and others a couple days after.


@wootbretz: I pre-ordered Forza 4 from Newegg and did not get release date delivery. I got three day shipping. It was shipped the day before release, so I got it two days after the release date. Still worth the $15 off that I got from Newegg. I would be surprised if Newegg does any release date delivery since they are already knocking off $12.