dealsburger king lattes for $1.00


@sunnysideup: I believe it was correct when I posted it, as it came directly from the website. Maybe a mod was having gun when they gave me a pic


How much is a small latte normally?


@sunnysideup: What, you've never heard of Buger King? Phft. I suppose you go to McDoald's and Weny's then.


Burger King has really brought their coffee game up since they started using Seattle's best. I don't ever eat there for lunch or dinner, but I find myself stopping in for a morning joe and a biscuit more and more often. Can't speak for their lattes, but now I'll likely try them.


I like the old school coffee from BK ... Little packet of Sanka instant coffee.


Tried one this morning (the mocha version). Awful. Tastes like gas station mocha (half coffee, half hot chocolate) but slightly worse (more bitter?)


@ponytrack: That is my experience with Burger King's "improved" coffee too.


For a few years BK was selling Douwe & Egberts toddy-style coffee (cold-brewed concentrate in a bag; the dispenser mixes it with hot water on demand.) It was smooth and mild, nice body - the best of the fast-food coffees. Then they switched to SBC, and my god is that stuff foul. The first time I drove through BK after the switch, there was a smell in the car I couldn't quite place - sorta like an old unemptied ashtray. I could have sworn someone had been smoking in my car - but no, it was the coffee. It doesn't taste as bad as it smells - which is a good thing, because it smells like a hospice for terminal emphysema cases.

These days I actually like Mickey D's coffee best (of the fast food chains), which is something I never thought I'd say. It used to be awful, burnt/boiled tar, but it's actually fairly decent now they've started the "McCafe" thing. (I'm talking about regular coffee, both for McD and BK - not the specialty drinks.)


@mthead: You know, I've actually read that McDonald's beans rival the quality of Starbuck's. They're putting a lot of focus into their "McCafe" line and they seem to be taking it seriously.

I digress. I've never actually tried BK's lattes, but for $1, I am tempted.


it certainly is cheap, but...

You be better off saving the dollar for toilet paper