dealsstar trek bathrobes for $49.99


i'm shocked to say that this is the cheapest price i found (only found 1 other store & they were $100 each there). this might be a thinkgeek first!


I know right I was surprised at the price too!


Not big enough, saw Shatner in one of these, and it didn't come together in front to cover his "Klingon"


Wouldn't that weird white robe thingie that Nemoy wore in ST4 make a better bathrobe?


Damm, I wanted one in red. Did I mention I have a space heater and blow dryer next to my tub?


Why bother with the bathrobe in the first place? If you're going to wear one of these around, you live alone anyway. Might as well just go with the tighty whities or the full monty. No one else will ever see it.


@adamb2000: lots and lots of nerds have found significant husband did, for example.
But hey, repeating stereotypes is delicious...


I haven't bought a new robe in.....13 years? It was time. I will soon be Spock. Awesome.