dealswestern digital 1.5tb elements desktop usb 2.0…


Refurbished hard drive... that means it comes preloaded with someone else's pron, right?


@chriscclark01: That's only if you're lucky. I prefer stolen identity and credit card info.


Just a heads up - These are not USB powered, they require AC power. The description is misleading.


The Living social deal excludes electronics.


Thought about getting a few to flip on fleabay but there is someone listing a truckload for $89 with free shipping so no profit to be made after ebay/paypal fees and the like.


6 month manufacturer warranty makes me feel better about this, but I have never really trusted refurb hard drives. I've had so many brand new ones fail within 1-2 years. I can't wait for SSD's to get cheap. One day...


I have seen much better deals than this for brand new hard drives. Check New Egg or bide your time for a better deal. In fact i got my 2tb elements drive about 9-10months ago for $75 + $5sh.


I just got the last one (I tried to order 2 and it got adjusted down to 1 because there were no more left)

The deal is gone


@meh3884: FWIW - it's coming down to about $1/GB though with rebates while platters are <$100/1TB after the flooding.


You think I could rip this out of it's case and use it as an internal hard drive? I just went to purchase a new drive and nearly fell over when I saw the prices due to this flooding in Thailand. Even if this only lasts 6 months it might be worth it until prices come back to earth.


@dangallo: You definitely would be able to do that.


I buy a ton of refurb stuff, but I do take pause about a refurb hard drive.


By a refurb hard drive; they mean a hard drive that was dried out.


Just got a call from They said their warehouse flooded, so they will be canceling my order.