dealslogitech outlet - get an extra 15% off w/code


It's showing up as invalid worked like 10 minutes ago.


I also gave it a shot, and it looks like it's invalid now. Bummer, would have been a great find!


I just used the code 40 minutes ago and now it says invalid. That was a fast 5 days.


It would appear that Logitech noticed that the code had been publicly posted. Code invalid for me too. Didn't know they had a dented/refurbished section on their online store though.

-the purring dork


Yep, the Logitech Refurb shop runs some special pricing once or twice a year, but typically they see to take about 30% off MSRP, but they sell to their outlets at about 50% off.

That's why you'll see Logitech products for sale at less than you find at their corporate outlet store. The want to avoid stepping on retailer's toes.

Every now and then they will offer a real deal. Worth being on their mailing list if you use a lot of I/O equipment.


I took a look at what they had. Not much of a selection in their outlet store. I didn't bother to try the discount code.