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I got this set from Frys for $20 a couple of months ago. I don't care about special feature so I wasn't missing anything, but if they're important to you it may be disappointing. Also the packaging is very flimsy and one of the DVD holders broke the second or third time I opened it.


I picked this up from Target for around $12 a few months back. If you have a BluRay player, you can get the Region Free version for the same price (shipped) from Amazon UK.

Note: I have seen several scenes missing while watching the DVD's


@lichme There are differences between the USA version and UK versions of the Harry Potter films. The UK versions have more scenes and extended scenes from the US versions. They probably felt that they needed to shorten the films to keep our short american attention spans.


There are no differences between the US and UK versions of the films, except for the first movie, in which all mentions of the Philosopher's Stone have been replaced with "Sorcerer's Stone" in the US version. There are no scenes missing in one version or the other.

There are extended editions of the first two films available in the "Ultimate Edition" DVD and Blu-rays, which are available in both the US and UK, but don't appear to be included in this set.