dealskitchenaid artisan stand mixer (caviar) $70 off…


This really isn't a great deal. You can get the Pro 5 model (a step up) for that price if you shop around. I actually got the Pro 5 from this dealer for that price right before Christmas. The lifting bowl of the Pro is much better than the tilt head of the Artisan IMHO.


True- I got the red, 425-watt, stand mixer for $194 delivered after rebate! I got the rebate check in less than three weeks too! I LOVE mine! I've wanted one for years, and finally took the plunge when I got the higher end model for less than $200!

I'm making pierogies for Easter today!


What do you know! The same deal I got is valid again:

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@tsfisch: Yeah I have to agree with you. This really isn't a deal. I purchased the KitchenAid KP26M1XLC Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer, Licorice on amazon for $299, had free shipping and got a $50 rebate. Of course this was a couple of years ago but if you shop around you can get a better price. Now if this has other incentives that knock the price down then maybe it's a deal.


Purchasing a kitchen aid should be the last mixer you ever buy. I was able to pick up a pro line 600 series over black friday for about $275 after all the rebates and in store cash from Kohl's during this last black friday. Don't settle for the flip back style. Get at least a 500 series. They recently released their 700 series which supports a 7 quart mixing bowl. This is the bottom of the line and not a good deal IMO. If you are buying one appliance that you will use for the rest of your life, get it with everything you want vs settling. Also, their are some really cool skins you can buy for these to customize your own mixer.


While I do personally agree that buying a KitchenAid Mixer should be the last mixer you purchase, the Pro-5 and Pro-6 series just do not make much sense to someone like myself who doesn't cook for 20 people at a time. The Artisan Series, which this mixer belongs to, is by far NOT the bottom of the line! Not to mention that unless you want to have your ugly Pro 5 or Pro 6 painted, you are NOT going to get something as beautiful as the Caviar color. I'm getting one myself just because of how well it's going to match my kitchen.

If you live in a firehouse I suppose the firetruck, I mean Empire Red, can suit you well or if you are just boring and want flat black that's fine too. But for $249 after rebate, this is going to be the best looking mixer for the best value that I can find for my family.

So folks quit comparing apples to airplanes, if you want style buy the artisan like me. If you want to feed 1,000,000 people at one time and don't care about color, get the Pro series.


Hey folks, Everything Kitchens, here! Thought we would clear up a little confusion. This is in fact a phenomenal deal for the KitchenAid Artisan mixers, as they retail for $349.99. This series is available in over 25 colors, although this deal is only available on the caviar color currently. We are also offering a $10 off coupon on purchases of $200 or more, which would bring the final price, (after rebate) to $239.99. This price is, in fact, lower than the Pro 5 series.

Tilt-head or bowl-lift is really a matter of preference. It is easier to remove the bowl from the tilt-head mixer as it will slide straight out with certain attachments still in place. Bowl-lift mixers require the attachments to be removed before the bowl can be taken out. Hope this helps!

Coupon code for $10 Off: ekegg10


@dfrost85: Ok, I'll be trolled. Your post makes you sound like you were paid by everything kitchen to rebuttal.

I do have 6 people in my family so when we make mashed potatoes or cookies, we use the whole 6 quart bowl. Granted I spent $35 more for a 575w vs a 325w motor. The motor is not stressed so will last a long time.
I think if you are willing to spend $240, then an extra $35 for a much more reliable version sounds completely reasonable.

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