dealsrei: $20 gift card with $100 purchase online or…


Can one purchase a $100 gift card and get the $20 bonus card?
The terms say you can't purchase gift "boxes" (whatever that means) but nothing about gift cards.....


"Promotional Card expires 1/6/2013 and is a single use card."

Wow, you only have a month to use it before it expires.


The idea is to get a gift for others, then get something for yourself. That's what they are promoting it as. They also probably want it to expire before they do their big after Christmas sale. Although I got $65 for my birthday last week, so I spent a bit extra and now I have another $20 for myself. :)


I bought a $100 gift card and got the $20 free card (as an email). Good if you plan to buy $100 or so there anyway.