dealsnetgear wg111us g54 wireless g usb network…


5-6 year old adapter technology!

Wireless G only - Not wireless N compatible! If your router is set to use wireless N, this won't work.

Only supports WEP encryption!?!?!? No WPA WPA2. This means that if you set your router to use WPA/WPA2 encryption (as is the default or as ANY good computer tech will advise) This won't work. If your still using WEP encryption, then you might as well not even encrypt your signal. Any 10 year old can download a free packet sniffer to crack WEP now-a-days.

A google search will reveal a bunch of better wireless N usb adapters that support WPA2 for the same price!

If you still don't believe me, here's a link to the comments page when woot sold these back on Feb. 4 2013. Judge for yourself!


LOL! Notice how comments section on moofi.woot is disabled for this sale! Shocking!


@btalarczyk: Moofi sale comments go here on Deals. They have never had a comment thread from the sale page.


So.. I too was surprised to see these on here, but figured I would give my $0.02 worth. I had a few of these (and still do) a few years back that I received with some combo wireless router/ap and adapter deal. They are only 802.11g, but they lasted years and still work to this day (which is not something I can say for most wireless adapters I use, for whatever reason). I'm not sure why you would want to purchase one, but assuming you needed a G adapter and didn't care about encryption (do not use WEP, it is considered broken and easily compromised by any 12 year old next door) then you should find these reliable.


@btalarczyk: Hold the phone.
Wifi-N 2.4GHz is backwards compatible with Wifi-G. I should know, I have enough legacy equipment.
The big kicker is that N 5.0GHz is NOT compatible with G.
Also, it's slower (54MBit vs 300+?), but if you're just browsing the Internet on anything less than a super-top-end FiOS connection, you won't even notice until your wifi signal gets weak.
Overall, it's $10 to wifi enable any PC you own. Not a bad deal IMHO.


A key selling point for this adapter in the past has been that it supports promiscuous mode. This means that when you combine it with software like wireshark you can capture every packet being sent to or from a wireless access point. Most cards/adapters will only capture network traffic meant for your machine. It's very handy when trying to diagnose wireless connection problems.

If you want to see why you should use WPA/WPA2 on your router, combine this adapter with a live cd of backtrack linux and look for WEP cracking on youtube. Nothing like a hands on demo to see how quickly a WEP password can be cracked.


This isn't remotely a good deal. Amazon has lots of newer (& much smaller) usb wireless adapters than this for the same price (or less) and with free shipping.


@tlogank: I agree... there are ton of USB Wireless N150 Cards out there on Amazon and Newegg for about the same price.