dealssample: purina cat chow healthy weight cat food…


Thanks for posting. I know this says it will 'maintain' a healthy weight but if my cat likes it I may switch to it in the hopes of her getting to a healthy weight.


Achieving a healthy weight has a lot to do with quantity. Our cat was pushing 14 pounds even after being on the recommended amount of Science Diet Weight Control for over a year. We've since moved her onto Blue Buffalo wet food, and serving her half as much- because it's water based it fills her up faster and she's already dropped almost 2 pounds in 2 months.


It insisted that my phone # was not valid.
Now I'm wondering who just got all my info.



weird. I put in 1111111111 as my phone number and it took it as valid...


@finzup: I just entered my number and didn't have any problems. @dontwantaname: :Doh! Wish I would have thougth of that or at least read your post first! :-) has the same offer:


@finzup: The problem was I put spaces in. 111 111-1111, with the real #s. It rejected it.
Put it in like you did, with no spaces and it took it.
Should have tried 1111111111 before the real number.


This is a pretty poor food choice. It is full of carbohydrates, which can lead to diabetes in cats. Cats that are already more likely to get diabetes because they are obese. See the problem here?