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In order to get the $30 gift card, you need to sign up for the credit card and get approved.


This is the upgrade version of Windows 8, so you'll need an existing XP, Vista or licenses.


Windows 7 for life, homies


Are people going to get Windows 8, or are they skipping it? I haven't heard good things.


Thanks! Pretty good deal for $38.88!


I did the trial of W8. I didn't like it. It tried to be too much like the Ipad/phone or android interface and forced you to you a limited category-type desktop. At least I could find how to make it default to a W7-type desktop. YMMV. I think i will skip it like i skipped Vista.


If you go by the historical amazing/flop Windows OS ratio, Windows 8 is doomed to fail.

Windows 98- amazing
Windows Me- fail
Windows XP- amazing
Windows Vista- fail
Windows 7- amazing
Windows 8- ....

Shall history repeat itself???


windows 95? win 3.1? DOS? Those were all winners in my book.


Look I ordered this last Saturday, after I put windows 8 preview on an old laptop I had. I had a dual core 1.8 MHz processor, 2 gig ram, a decent graphics card by 2006 standards and a 60 GB HD. Yes the interface takes a little getting used too but this thing used to take about 10 minutes to boot up XP and get into the web browser or ms word. Now it takes 1 min 30 sec to boot, and in under 2 min I can be in the browser or office 2007. Plus i love the way it integrates with my SkyDrive account for my 25 GB of cloud storage. Almost threw that old laptop out, but now this is going to buy it a few.more years for light duty web/office work.

And again, watch a tutorial video on the interfaces as it is different. But in this case it's for the better.


I never blamed Old windows for failing, I blamed the computer. Now-a-days, It's Always windows fault. In other news, Win8 ...I'd heard nothing but terrible things. You people use computers so spread the word. We're skipping.


I'm skipping it. I've never had any problems with Windows 7 so when I saw 8 was on the way I picked up and extra copy of 7 just in case I get another comp. It might be fine but I don't care for the interface of 8.


You can buy this as a Windows Anytime upgrade for $39.99 (once it's released).


@kd1357: Having used Win8 on test machines for the last 6 is a rock solid OS.....the issue is that majority of people fear change.

Win8 is a necessary evolution of windows that needs to occur......because of will suffer even though it is a great OS with an elegant UI.

Yes there is a learning curve but all the functionality of Win7 and older OSes is in there.

I do like how Win8 is pushing laptop/tablet design forward......the new hardware out for demos is fantastic.


Ridiculous. Win8 upgrade will be $40 until early 2013.
Wait two days. Silly. Go to in 2 days (10/26). and it will be $39.99.
[Trust me on this one.]


@muddytoy: All you have to do is click on the Desktop tile, and it brings you to the Win7 interface. Same task bar, shortcuts, wallpapers, everything but the start bar.


@moremustard: This is the pro version, not the home version.


In regards to the upgrade process as per the MSFT blog. They do show Win 8 Pro upgrade pricing at $40.


This may not be important to most people but Windows 8 Pro now supports "Client Hyper-V". In reality, what this means is that you have Hyper-V to run high-performing (hypervisor-powered) VMs (better than VMWare that you can install in Windows). So for those of you who want to keep a Windows 7 or Windows XP VM around, you can do so within Hyper-V in Windows 8.

For me, as a software developer, I need VMs to keep my development environments clean. This is one of my favorite features about Windows 8. Until this generation, I've always used a Windows Server OS as my primary OS because I needed Hyper-V to run VMs in. No more!! :-)


I already have Windows 7 Professional, and it works just fine.

I see no reason to upgrade.


@jaxidian: you may also not know you now have to purchase and download media center separately.


@scarredwithstars: the problem for me is the drastic switching it does from tiles to any other app, if you have multiple monitors it is horrible and if you like to alt-tab etc between apps, it can really start to hurt your brain. Also the windows key on the keyboard just got a whole lot less functional. To be honest as well they are really forcing my hands off the keyboard a lot more then in 7 et al.


@wsmiddel: Weird, I would have sworn I included 7 (Win7) as one of the upgrade eligible OSes.


Has anyone seen any killer deals for full license pre-order copies of Windows 8? (I want a fresh install for a Boot Camp drive on an apple machine)


Will Windows 8 work on my TRS-80 and my Commodore 16? Or will I need to upgrade to a 286?


@zendick: actually, no. If you read in the upgrade blog post someone else linked, you'll read that it is able to be installed for free. Believe they made that change due to public response.


Microcenter has Win8 Professional for pre-order for $38 out the door no crappy credits in 30 days.


@kd1357: Don't forget 98 SE, windows NT and Windows 2000.


And as always Linux is free, updated more frequently, and you can try out the OS before you install it.


@scarredwithstars: This is true, and thanks for pointing that out, but the cynic in me realizes that I could summarize your post by saying, "it includes everything except the most important thing."

I think this is another in a string of poor design choices that MS has forced onto their user base, much like forcing Excel users to adapt to the "ribbon" when there wasn't a dang thing wrong with the drop-down menus that we all knew how to use. It takes me 2-3 times longer to perform a lot of tasks in Excel 2010 compared to Excel 2003, because I have to look around for the icon, and I'm sure the same thing will be true for Windows 8 vs Windows 7 or earlier.


It's an "upgrade" price, but all you would need to do is install the free Windows 8 Release Preview and then you can upgrade from it.


People pay for software? Interesting.


@djp519: I'm sure that's how it is with all new things: Change.


@beezn: Agreed. That was the first thing that I thought of when I read the previous comment. Especially seeing that it was 98SE that saved Win 98, and really, XP wasn't all that great until SP2 came out...


I posted this deal last week, ordered it, but then looked at video of the Metro interface and well, as @iggz said, Windows 7 for life, yo!

Order cancelled.


@allens555: I didn't see that anywhere in the terms?


@kd1357: I see it more like

DOS 3.3 - good
DOS 4 - fail
DOS 5 - good
DOS 6 fail
Windows 3.1 - good
Windows 3.11 - better
Windows NT 3.5 - better
Windows 95 - good
Windows NT 4 - good
Windows 98- good
Windows Me- fail
Windows 2000 - good
Windows XP- good
Windows Vista- fail
Windows 7- amazing
Windows 8- ....

Shall history repeat itself???


I'm going back and forth on this deal. I'll probably go with the $40 Microsoft upgrade as I'll download the file and upload it to Google Drive and won't have to worry about losing or damaging the DVD.

Some things to consider about the $30 promo code:
- Emailed to you end of November
- Expires end of February
- Only good for products Amazon sells (no 3rd party)
- Some other exclusions of types of products (mp3s, etc) aren't eligible
- You'll need to not lose the code and remember to enter it in your order - its not like a gift card that is added to balance
- You'll probably have to (I think) use the entire $30 in a single order so it can't be split up if you make lots of smaller orders (like if you have Prime and get free shipping on everything)

That being said, remember that it'll be good through the holidays so if you're like us, you'll have dozens of orders being placed over the next few months (although if you do early shopping you might not have the code yet).


@silveri: My thoughts exactly. I also recently bought a copy of Windows 7 Pro.


@cmacclel: microcenter requires store pickup only..


This smells like recent MS Office upgrades. Change for the sake of change.

After almost 15-years of usefulness, Microsoft introduced the damn Dynamic Ribbon to Office and screwed everyone up. Now to add a simple form field requires an act of congress and then let's not forget the new docx format that screws up everyone who decided to stand pat with the older version of Office.

I appreciate change (I really do) I don't appreciate change without actual efficiency improvements. The Metro; homescreen is new and colorful but not any more efficient than the standard desktop. in fact, it is less so.

It just has the smell of a redesign for idiots and newbies and not for anyone who has used a PC in the last 15-years or so.


I know this is a single licence DVD, but does anyone knows if I can install it to 2 computers with the same code?


@elveez: When you do, you will be booted off of at least one of them. Microsoft Windows 7 continually checks to make sure you don't have a dupe license via internet. Even if you disconnect one from the internet to check, eventually it will ask you to connect to validate it. My wireless adapter on my PC went down, had to order a new one and within a week I was not able to logon to Windows until I got the new wireless adapter connected so it could log on to their server to validate the license. My guess is 8 is no different.


@bigshtank: Thanks, good to know. I think I was able to do it with Vista before, not sure.


@goosedude: It's like how people complained about the ribbon in the newer versions of Word, 6 months later it's fantastic.


Would I get used to it if I upgraded? probably. Would I be better off with 8 over 7? maybe. Do I agree with the design direction? not necessarily unless I get a touch screen computer in the future. I don't like the idea of no start menu. Do I like to get use out of something that works perfectly fine rather then spending money on something that isnt required? Absolutely. I think this add up to a pass for me for now. Maybe if new stuff wont work in 7 or I upgrade my computer I will consider it, but not for now. Might as well save the money.


I already have Windows 8 running on my laptop. It was running Windows 7 and used to take over a minute to boot up. With Windows 8, it takes about 5 seconds to boot up. I've noticed that also my bloatware software were not starting up after I upgraded. Makes my computer seem like a brand new computer. The only thing is that you have to learn how to use a new operating system.

I think it's supposed to be more simple but if you're a person that can't adapt or change fast, then you'll have trouble navigating. Takes some time to get used to. It's very efficient and saves power. If you have an touchscreen computer, this would definitely be a must have since it's so tablet friendly.