dealskeurig vue v700 coffee brewer for $139.99 + freeā€¦


$10 for 12 Vue K-cups... NO Thanks! I'll keep my old Keurig at $.34 a cup (San Francisco Bay Fog Chaser Coffee through Amazon).


@rmsalt: This stuff brews up to 270 6 oz. cups of coffee for only $9.99. You can save a lot of money over the Keurig.


Just for grins, search for "vintage Black and Decker Cup At A Time" (NOT the current pump/drip models!).

I have two and I call them the "poor man's Keurig." Much smaller and practically no moving parts. Makes a 12 ounce cup using a permanent mini basket that looks eerily like those refillable K-cup things, but easier to clean.

Pour water it, it heats it and a thermal tab opens to allow gravity to send the water through the mini basket and into the cup. Remove the basket and use it to dispense water for tea, etc. I even fit a small French press under it to fill it. They are found for next to nothing when you run across one.


My Keurig K40 died after 3 months. Growling water pump inside the K40 just finally had enough and quit. Won't buy another Kuerig. Hoping there are some CHEAPER models out there that will last a year or longer. Using my green French Press these days. Much more reliable! :\


@briansmac: Last I checked (It's been a couple of years), Kohl's has a pretty generous return policy.

Returns are accepted regardless of when you purchased it and without receipts with certain restrictions like recent lowest sale price and refunds in the form of store credit without receipt.but you can get a good amount of the original value back to spend on a replacement (or something else).