dealsstar wars, clone wars animated yoda usb desk…


For an additional $2 you can upgrade to "Collector's Grade" and preserve your Yoda forever for display. But where's the fun in that? I wanna plug him in so he can guard my desk from the dark side (my supervisor).


@el_jefe: LOL! I like this little guy! (And, yes, my boss creates a disturbance in the Force!) Never saw the video before, and after watching it I watched a few others. Next purchase might have to be a USB stress ball. Thanks for the link!


How is this a deal? This is the normal price and shipping is not free.


@zippy the pinhead: Well, I spent the better part of the morning assisting my sister in finding the best deal on this item, and after doing the research and finding that this was the best deal we could find for her, I thought it would be appropriate to save others the effort and post this. Do you see this post as a violation of deals.woot protocol?