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This only works as a case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but as a Bluetooth keyboard for many.


This is the lowest price I have seen this keyboard as well. Sure, its only a case for the tab... but most smartphones fit in the slot as well and 9.99 for a bluetooth keyboard from a good manufacturer (samsung) that has a built in battery... thats cheap as it goes. Needless to say, I picked one up and no I don't have a Galaxy Tab.


@corrosive: This is made by Logitech and Zagg...not Samsung. It is a good device. I actually bought several last time this site had it at the same price (actually 14.98 with shipping). It took 3 1/2 weeks to finally get them, but they arrived.


Anyone know if these can work with a ps3?


I just got this from woot for 12.99 plus shipping. Typing this on the keyboard as we speak. Very little delay between typing and having the text appear on screen. The edges are a little uncomfortable to rest your hands on, and depending on your version of Android, some of the shortcut keys might not work. I am running stock 4.0 and the brower and gallery keys don't seem to work. Having said that, this is a great addition for your tab. The case fits snugly over top of the screen and hugs the sides of the tab. The only contact point between the case and the screen is a rubber strip, so I feel good about not getting scratches on the screen. Shortcut keys for volume, mute, and music player are awesome.

It's no Razr gaming keyboard in terms of quality, but if you are looking to add some functionality to your Galaxy 10.1 tab, it's definitely worth it.


Says it's compatible with iPads. Anyone know if this will work with 1st gen iPads??