dealshp d530sff desktop computer, intel p4 2.6ghz cpu…


There's this OS called Linux :)


See the seller specific details on the used page. This computer has Windows XP.


Pretty sure these were ddr ram, not ddr2 or ddr3. Probably an ide or ultra ata hard drive as well. You're most likely stuck with the specs as they are, unless you have old components lying around.

I'll be shocked if this thing can take a video card as well. I think only the tower models had AGP ports.

I guess it's useful for somebody who wants/needs a low end P4 system. But I would just get a sub $100 core 2 duo (or the pentium/celeron versions of the c2d) box - there are tons of those on ebay and they're more efficient and use relatively modern parts.


I would avoid this, a couple of years ago I processed a whole bunch of these tabletop HP boxes and they've got serious power supply problems (and, you guessed it, it's a proprietary PSU).