dealscraftsman 11-drawer 3 pc ball-bearing tool…


Thanks, I ordered two of the bottom cabenets, make good priced mobile work stations. Pick up in store delivery is $69.


Just picked one up today. Use VALPAK5 and instore pickup... the coupon basically covers the tax.

Oh, and also got two rolls of liner from Wal-mart for ~$10 (Craftsman branded is $25 for one roll)


Does anyone know where these ones are made? I presume China since they get only the 1 year warranty, but I know there are still some Craftsman goods made in the USA.

For those who are concerned I will tell you that the Husky tool storage from your local Home Depot is made in the USA, their 4 drawer roll-away is $26 more than this Craftsman, for example:


@kwdavis: Good choice! The packing on this stuff is horrendously bad. When you pick up in store you get to inspect it before accepting it. I ordered a bunch of Craftsman "garage furniture" and every box but one was damaged beyond usability. Went through hell for 5 months trying to get a refund from Sears and only succeeded once I got BBB involved. This is reasonably good stuff, but never have it shipped to your home!


@lparsons42: Husky does make some nice tool chests. I've been trying to get the 41" 13 drawer combo since January. Home Depot has been out of stock in stores and online since then.

Home Depot owns Husky so I don't expect to find them anywhere else.

I'm hoping they get a bunch in the stores before Father's Day in June.


@cebooher3: Indeed the Husky brand is for Home Depot. Back when their tools were mostly made in the USA (I think they've followed so many other leads and gone to China for many of their tools) there was a rumor that they were actually made by Snap-On. I never heard anything that supported that rumor, though.

Between all the brands that were classically thought of as "American" which have gone to China for production - Craftsman, Vise-Grip, Stanley, and Crescent - I'm not sure which one shook me the most when I picked one up and saw "Made in China" on it. In my case, probably Vise-Grip because I really didn't see it coming.