dealssandisk pixtor 32gb microsdhc class 10 memory…


Best Buy sent me a $10 code out of the blue a while ago. I use that, which means I got the card for about $9 including tax. Shipping is free.


Regularly $69. That says something about Best Buy.


We use two of these in our Galaxy S4, and they are great. Bought 'em on Amazon for $24 a while back (price is still around $24 or $25 there). IF we needed more, I'd jump on these; I can't justify getting more than we can currently use, even at a bargain.


@pinfar: The list price is $69.99. Amazon has the same list price,

I picked up one of these as well.


@pinfar: Loss leader. Mover, it says how cheap memory is and how high the mark-up is.


@first2summit: Not really markup. It just kept its list price from back when it was expensive to manufacture. It costs millions to get a facility into production for a new storage chip. As the costs are recouped, the average cost to produce goes down and they can lower the price. 32GB SD cards are going for under $25 quite regularly now. But keeping the old $69 MSRP attached to it helps push the sale.