dealsthe lord of the rings: the motion picture trilogy…


Don't buy this if you want the extended edition - this isn't it! This has many low ratings on for that reason.


I'd rather spend the extra $15 or so bucks and get the extended edition of the trilogy. Amazon has it for $48 right now.


Not everyone wants the extended editions but may still want the movie set on flu ray. Personally, i'll save the $15 and watch the theatrical version. The movies are long enough as it is.


Ok, someone help me out.

I have the extended editions DVD set. Am I ~really~ going to notice that much of a difference if I get the Blu Ray?


I remember there being complaints about Fellowship having a green tint over the whole movie. I dont know if its this one of the extended, so take it fwiw


@dslocum: I have a 28 inch TV. I can't really tell the difference. If you have a much larger display, yeah, you'll probably see a difference. At lower screen sizes like my TV though, not really, no.

If you already have the DVDs (especially in the extended editions), I wouldn't bother, personally. Not unless you have a REALLY nice TV and simply MUST have the best picture possible.


@dslocum: Do you have a 1080p TV?

If so, no doubt you will see a difference. 720p TV with an upconverting blu ray player may not be a huge enough difference to be worth it though.