deals2-topping pizza, pasta, or sandwich carryout only…


Normal price during lunch time. Shouldn't need a code, unless they raised prices recently.


@zapp brannigan: Most of those things are normally $5.99 now, aren't they?


Sandwiches are greasy and pizza still doesn't do anything for me. I'd rather get a 5 dollar footlong or some Panda express if I'm spending ~ $5.00


This has been their standard carryout special until 2pm for at least 6 months. Still a good deal if you can get to a store easily.


Just like 90% of the people have said here, this is not a good deal.


@morarc: Yet we keep getting down votes I guess not many people eat at dominos for lunch. I used to get one of those pizzas a week. Lasts 2 days so $2.50 a day for lunch is a great deal.


@morarc: I'll take $1 off lunch any day. How much do you expect to save with a lunch deal? I'll admit their prices are low to begin with, but $1 is $1.